- Success Stories


*Hi,  My Name is Tyree H.  

I am the father of 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy.  Outreach Ministry Food Pantry has helped me and my family out alot.  The help that is given goes along way in our household.  Every time we show up to receive a box or bag of food, we are greeted with kind words and friendly faces and that means alot when you might not have had a good day or in a bad mood.  My children have a great appreciation as well.  They ask me can they come with me so they can help carry bags.  So in closing I just would like to reinarate that I thing that Outreach Ministry Food Pantry is one of the more positive programs in our neighborhood.  And, I would like to say, Thank You from my family and I. 10/2014


*Hi My Name is Kathi F.

I am disabled and on a limited income.  Many times I run out of food because I don't have enough money to carry me over during the month.  I was referred to public assistance 211 number and contacted the Outreach Ministry Food Pantry.

I am so greatful for this service and these wonderful people who care about me.

Thank you from my heart.  10/2014


 *My Name is Andrea and I would like to tell how the food ministry at Vista Hills has been such a blessing to my family.  It has impacted my household in many ways.  Such as when I'm not sure how I'm going to make to the end of the month what some might consider a little extra is sometimes the bridge that I need to make it to the next month.  There are seven in my household but with help I am able to fix nutritious snacks for the children when they come home from school.  The children are now able to do homework and other activities.  The food ministry also sometimes works with there children ministry helping with school supplies.  I appreciated everything that they have done.

Sincerely and with *Blessings Andrea  10/2015

*I am so Blessed, God woke me up to see another day.  I have A-Fib (irregular heart beat)  I had a heart procedure and it was a successful procedure.  God is sooooo good to me.  Thank you for my Food Bag - *Felicia J.  4/2016


More to Come.....